This is an excellent book for learning chess endings for players up to about expert strength. I really like the format, but there are a few irritating errors in the book that can interfere with learning the material, hence this errata.

If you like Pandolfini's Endgame Course I think you'll love Silman's Complete Endgame Course.
Last updated March 7, 2022.

1. Queen and Rook Roll.

Moves: change "2. ...Ke7+" to "2. ...Ke7" (it is not check).

(Andrew Austin)

16. Mate in Two.

Moves: change "1. Bb7+" to "1. Bg7+".

(Yair Spiegel)

17. Mate in Three.

Diagram: Black King is at h8, not h7.

20. A Third Mate in Four.

Moves: change "2. ...Kg8" to "2. ...Kh7".

(Alec Goudreau)

25. Perpetual Check.

Moves: change "6. Qf3+" to "6. Qh5+".

(David Gotesky)

37. The Chase.

Moves and Text: 7. Ra8+ should be 7. Ra8 (no check).

54. Oppositional Squeeze.

Text: The text, near the end of the paragraph, should read "The sidestep 1. ...Kc8, permits the unimpeded advance..." (Change "1. ...Ke8" to "1. ...Kc8".).

(Stan Kegel)

57. Frontal Defense.

Moves: change "2. ...d2+" to "2. ...e2+".

(Stan Kegel)

63. Distant Opposition.

White moves and draws.

82. Opposition.

White moves and draws.

87. Trebuchet.

Text: add missing quotation after "tre-buchet.

(Dan Heisman)

97. Diagonal Block.

Diagram: all pieces should be shifted one file to the right.

100. Diagonal March.

Moves: change "5. c8/Q" to "5. c8/Q+".
It is check! Otherwise black would have 5. ...Qh3+ winning.

(Raymond Cheng)

106. Distant Opposition.

Moves: change "6. ...g5+" to "6. ...g4+".

(Frans Handoko)

126. Breakthrough Combination 1.

Moves: In line "B" change "2. ...bxc6" to "2. ...bxa6".

(Stan Kegel)

134. No Stalemate.

Text, line 8: change "White's" to "Black's".

136. Getting Back.

Moves: change "6. ...Rk2" to "6. ...Kb2".

137. Reposition.

W: Kc2, Rb8
Diagram: White King is at c2.

(Dan Heisman)

147. Pawn's Way.

White moves and draws.

148. Perpetual Check.

White moves and draws.
Text, line 4: change "Kh1" to "Kg1".
Moves: change 1. Ng4 to 1. Nf4.

149. Knight Fork.

W: Kh2, Nf3
Diagram: White King is at h2. White knight at f3.

(Ren´┐Ż Otero and Kevin Godsave)

177. The Fortress.

White moves and draws.

183. Cross-Check 2.

Text, line 7: change "Qg4+" to "Qg3+".

186. Hiding.

White moves and draws.

187. Zugzwang.

Text, line 3: change "pawn" to "rook" (Herb Feuerhake); line 9: change "of" to "or".

189. Driving Off.

Moves: change "Draw" to "(1-0)".

193. The Bridge.

Moves and text: change "1. Rd2+" to "1. Rd1+" and "2. ...Ra2" to "2. ...Rb2".

195. Flank Attack 1.

White moves and draws.

199. Stalemate Trick.

Cooked: Change "White moves and draws" to "White Moves and Loses!"
After 1. Re2+ Kd4 2. Re8 instead of 2. ...Rh1+, 2. ...Re3+ wins for Black! 3. Rxe3 Kxe3 4. Kd1 d2 5. Kc2 Ke2 and wins

(Ralph Buske)

205. Philidor's Draw.

Moves: change "(1-0)" to "Draw".

206. Passive Defense Draws 2.

Moves: two moves are missing: 4. ...Ra2 5. Rc1.

(John Arbore and Tony Comunale)

209. King to the Short Side.

Text, line 14: change "4. Ra2+" to "4. Ra3+" and "4. ...Re2" to "4. ...Re3".
Moves: change "(1-0)" to "Draw".

210. Cut-off -- No Checking Distance.

Text, line 10: change "...Rb1+" to "...Rc1+".

211. Breaking the Barrier.

Text, line 5: change "2. Kxe4" to "2. Kxe1". (Ralph Buske)
Text, line 8: change "f-file" to "e-file".

213. Active Defense.

Text, line 5: change "1. ...Ra2" to "1. ...Ra1".

222. Centurini's Position.

Text, line 11: change "...Kb5" to "...Kb6".

224. Rear Defense.

Text, line 4: change "7th" to "2nd".

236. Corner Retreat.

Text, lines 10 and 11: change "dark" to "light".
Note: 4. Kc1? (instead of Kc2) would lose to 4. ...Ne3 5. Kd2 letting the Black King out of a1. The point is that once the Black King is at a1, the White King must occupy c1 or c2 to keep him in prison at a1. By moving 4. Kc2 (the same color square that the black Knight is on), white can accomplish this.

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